Like so many things, Accomplice Theatre began with an opportune meeting of two people. In 2004, Bob Gerics and Megan Donahue met during a production of Hamlet in Flint, Michigan. And nothing terribly remarkable happened, except they knew of each others’ existence.

However, both eventually became company members at Flint City Theatre, where they worked together on productions that included: The Dreamer Examines His Pillow, Eleemosynary, Titus Andronicus, Twelfth Night, Scream Theatre, Touch of the God-Kissed, Misdirected, La Ronde, and numerable short play festivals (we could count, we guess, but are you that interested? Really?). While doing all this theatre, they discovered they had a very similar theatrical aesthetic and decided to collaborate further. Accomplice Theatre Company was born.

In true accomplice style, they founded the company and immediately fled the country, taking their play Forest for the Trees to the London Ontario Fringe Festival in 2010. A US production followed, and then Megan moved to Chicago, like a jerk.

Bob moved to Chicago two years later.

Accomplice Theatre Company moved to Chicago somewhere in the middle. Since arriving, it has gathered both steam and additional accomplices.